iPhone Repair | Cracked Screen Repair (2024)

No matter the iPhone model, we can fix it..

Every iPhone Repair starts with a free diagnostic exam to determine what is causing the issues plaguing your iPhone. Our comprehensive diagnostic service helps us identify the problem and decide which of our repair services will best fix it. From there, repairs can begin in-store right away and usually take about an hour.

Why won't my iPhone turn on?

There are several issues that could cause your iPhone to not power on. Finding a repair shop that can offer a comprehensive diagnostic service is key. That’s why at uBreakiFix, our diagnostic services are completely free. Even if your phone won’t turn on, we have you covered. One of the most common iPhone issues is LCD damage. If the LCD is damaged from a drop or you are experiencing a hardware malfunction, it will look like your iPhone is not powering on.
Another common issue is a damaged or dirty charging port. Dirt and grime can get lodged in your charging port and can cause your phone not to charge. Has your phone’s battery life been less than great? We offer a quick and easy iPhone battery replacement service.
Lastly, if your device has water damage, corrosion or a short circuit may have rendered your phone unable to power on.

Did your iPhone Screen Crack?

Accidents happen! Cracked screen are inevitable and when it happens you need a reliable repair shop that will provide a high quality and convenient repair. If your screen is broken, you have two main iPhone screen repair options: Glass or LCD repair. The front glass protects the screen and can break on its own. The LCD display controls what you see, and a broken one can look like pixelated lines or just a blank screen. No matter the model of iPhone you have we can fix all screens. iPhone screen replacements are one of the most common repairs we see in our stores.

Can you Replace an iPhone Battery?

Replacing an iPhone battery is a quick and easy fix! Our battery replacement service starts with a full diagnostic to see if it’s the battery or some other underlying problem. Over time, batteries naturally tend to degrade and the older your model the more prone the battery is to die. We can help you get the charge back in your iPhone. We have the highest quality batteries available in stock and waiting for you at your local store.

What to Do if you Drop Your iPhone in Water?

If you have dropped your iPhone in water, the first step is to get your phone to a repair professional as soon as possible. Corrosion can set in and cause circuits to short out, leaving you with very few repair options. We can run a complete water damage diagnostic to see how far along the damage is and if we can get your iPhone back from its watery grave.

Why is my iPhone Speaker not Working?

A malfunctioning iPhone speaker is typically a software or a hardware issue. When diagnosing your phones sound issues, we first look at the software to make sure it is not due to a faulty app or some type of update issue. Software issues are quick to fix and are typically free under our diagnostics service. Hardware issues are more serious, but our techs are experts at fixing these too. In some cases, you may need a speaker replacement. If your speaker is damaged, it may stop working. We can replace your iPhone speakers the same day you bring it in and for a price that won’t break the bank. Come in for a free diagnostic!

Why is my iPhone so slow?

Most of the time, fixing a slow iPhone could be as simple as freeing up space on your device. Keeping hundreds of photos, videos and downloaded files can cause your phone to be slow and deleting these will speed things up. Apps can also be a major culprit of slowing your iPhone down. We suggest removing any apps that could be running "background services" or tracking your location when you’re not using it. If you think you could still use some help optimizing your iPhone, bring it in for a free diagnostic. Our techs are ready to help speed up your iPhone.

iPhone Repair | Cracked Screen Repair (2024)
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