2024 NHL Mock Draft – Picks No. 5 To No. 8 – Canadiens Selection (2024)

With the 2024 NHL Mock draft for teams drafting first to fourth overall already in the books, it’s time to take a look at which players we’re predicting will be in the next batch of players who hear their names called on June 28, including the top prospect who will join the Montreal Canadiens.

On that note, in a recent fan poll, the Canadiens faithful had strong opinions on who they’d like to see drafted fifth overall, with Ivan Demidov, Cayden Lindstrom, and Tij Iginla garnering well over 85 percent of the votes.

Without further ado, let’s take a look at the next group of players expected to be drafted in the top 10 as we continue with picks five to eight in our 2024 NHL Mock Draft.

5th Overall – Montreal Canadiens: Cayden Lindstrom, C

Once a team that could infamously not draft or trade for a legitimate, big-bodied centerman, the Montreal Canadiens – only three years into Kent Hughes’ tenure – now have two in Kirby Dach and Cayden Lindstrom.

Lindstrom is a gritty forechecker who isn’t afraid to use his 6’4″ frame to his advantage. He has a great great shot, soft hands, and good vision. He also shoots from the left, a bonus for the Canadiens, as most of their centermen and core players are right-handed shots.

As they say, variety is the spice of life.

Cayden Lindstrom is such a force of nature. It’s rare to see a player who can leave such an impact with both his skill and his physical play

Watch how he totally obliterates an opponent, takes the puck, and drives it from the DZ all the way to the NZ (#28 black)@mckeenshockey pic.twitter.com/oKXJ1OAf8u

— Derek Neumeier (@Derek_N_NHL) November 12, 2023

The British Columbia native did miss considerable time due to a back and hand injury last season, and will likely have to answer questions from curious general managers regarding his health at the NHL Combine this week.

In any case, Lindstrom is expected to play another year of Junior hockey before making the jump to the professional ranks, which should give him plenty of time to develop as one of the top players in the WHL.

Lindstrom represents another great asset for the Canadiens’ long-term rebuild plans and should be ready to make an impact with a group of players whose window of opportunity will be opening in the relatively near future.

The great news is that this time around, the lineup is built on a foundation of young, talented players with size and ambition.

There’s no doubt about it, this is an exciting time to be a Habs fan.

6th Overall – Utah “Hockey Club”: Zeev Buium, LD

Zeev Buium left a strong impression by shutting down Macklin Celebrini in the NCAA semi-finals while being an offensive catalyst en route to a championship win against a powerhouse Boston College team.

Buium is a strong skater with great offensive instincts and abilities that pair well with his effective defensive play. He projects like a first-pairing defenceman who starts plays and joins offensive rushes, while also playing a crucial role on the powerplay.

Buium figures to anchor the left side of Utah’s defence for years to come, bolstering a position that’s already in good shape thanks to Dmitri Simashev (6th overall, 2022).

Utah will strongly consider drafting Sam Dickinson and Zayne Parekh, but considering Buium is somewhat of a compromise between the two aforementioned players (the former being sounder defensively and the latter more offensively inclined), he will be the ‘best of both worlds’ pick as they ultimately make that difficult call.

Buium could be better suited for powerplay duties and provide more exciting offense than Dickinson, something a newly established team could prioritize, in order to sell a certain level of excitement to a new fanbase.

7th Overall – Ottawa Senators: Zayne Parekh, RD

Ottawa uses this NHL Entry Draft to shore up the right side of their defence – which is pretty thin.

Parekh’s upside is stratospheric, as he broke goal-scoring records in the Ontario Hockey League (OHL) and seemingly scored at will this season. The defensive side of his game could use some polishing, although it’s not as awful as some make it to be.

But his offensive impact cannot be ignored, and this year’s winner of the OHL’s Best Defenceman of the Year makes a lot of sense for the Senators.

Zeev Buium called game! The slick dangles and the finish in overtime to send Denver to the NCHC championship game #2024NHLDraft pic.twitter.com/F51YOtamZD

— J.D. Burke (@JDylanBurke) March 23, 2024

He could be the perfect complementary player for Jake Sanderson on their top pair while being the go-to guy to orchestrate their man advantage.

Parekh de facto becomes the top prospect in Ottawa’s system.

8th Overall – Seattle Kraken: Sam Dickinson, LD

After acquiring several forwards with their top selections in previous years with Shane Wright, Matty Beniers, Carson Rehkopf and Jagger Firkus, Seattle now nabs a defenceman at the 2024 NHL Entry Draft.

That’s now five defenders in eight selections! After all, it is a draft touted for the quality of its defencemen, and every draft tends to have an early run on the top blueliners.

Sam Dickinson is about as solid and safe of a bet you can make when it comes to defencemen. He’s graduating from a great NHL pipeline, the OHL’s London Knights, and has a skill set that should easily translate to professional hockey.

Sam Dickinson (2024) with a puuuurdy nice goal.

We’re looking at a 6-3, 200lbs defenseman here. Already up to 6 points in 4 games.

And he’s going awfully early in the draft next June pic.twitter.com/FNLD8WFIHo

— Cam Robinson (@Hockey_Robinson) October 6, 2023

With a big 6’3, 195 lb frame, a sound defensive game and decent offensive upside, he could easily be taken before Seattle takes the stage (looking at you Columbus and Utah) – especially after such a solid showing at the Memorial Cup.

But if he drops, he would be a fantastic block for Seattle to build their defensive squad upon while bringing strong leadership abilities to a young, growing core.

Join us tomorrow, as we continue with selections nine to 12 of our 2024 NHL Mock Draft.

Graphics made by Annik Lemire.

This article first appeared on Montreal Hockey Now and was syndicated with permission.

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2024 NHL Mock Draft – Picks No. 5 To No. 8 – Canadiens Selection (2024)
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