Restaurants - Lakeside DFW (2024)


Restaurants - Lakeside DFW (1)

1845 - Taste Texas

Designed like Dallas.Tastes like Fort Worth.

Restaurants - Lakeside DFW (2)

Clink Wine Bar + Bites

Your friendly local wine bar and kitchen

Restaurants - Lakeside DFW (3)

Craft Pies Pizza Co.

Always unlimited toppings

Restaurants - Lakeside DFW (4)

Egg Farm Cafe

Breakfast & lunch, 7 am - 2:30 pm daily

Restaurants - Lakeside DFW (5)

Mio Nonno Trattoria

Central and southern Italian cuisine

Restaurants - Lakeside DFW (6)


Hibachi Sushi Ramen

Restaurants - Lakeside DFW (7)

The Tavern at Lakeside

Your neighborhood high-end tavern & restaurant

Restaurants - Lakeside DFW (8)

Mena's Tex-Mex Grill & Cantina

Tacos | Tequila | Guacamole | Familia

Restaurants - Lakeside DFW (9)

Ramen Akira

A boutique, fully hand-made ramen restaurant

Restaurants - Lakeside DFW (10)

Los Caminos

Modern Cocina - Opening Fall 2024

Flurry’s Lakeside adds value and community

Lakeside Urban Grocery became Flurry’s Lakeside on February 29, when Katie & Clayton Flurry purchased the assets from the community’s beloved Wilma Cheshier. Many know the Flurrys as the owners of Flurry’s Market + Provisions, the butcher shop with a quick service bistro, seafood counter, and gift shop located at 2608 Long Prairie. While details…

Los Caminos to open on FM 2499 in the fall of 2024

Los Caminos Modern Cocina will expand Lakeside’s dining footprint across FM 2499 with the addition of what will be the community’s 18th restaurant/eatery. Construction on Los Caminos, Modern Cocina began earlier this month at the southeast corner of Lakeside and 2499 (880 International Pkwy). Expect a Modern Mexican menu featuring coastal-influenced cuisine such as wood-roasted…

Lakeside Urban Grocery: love, quality, convenience

“We love having Lakeside Urban Grocery so close by,” said Kevin Clark, who along with wife Robin moved back to Texas from New York City in the summer of 2020. Living in The Nexus Lakeside with no car (just a U-Haul truck), the couple immediately began to rely on Lakeside Urban Grocery, located next to…

Family plays big role at Del Campo Empanadas

Andrea Karina Cacho, her husband Leonardo Gigante, and their three children (Sebastian, Rebeca, and Lau) recently opened Del Campo Empanadas in Lakeside between Starbucks and Lakeside Donuts. Since opening, lines have frequently spilled out the front door — no surprise since the Lakeside location is the first store outside of the very popular original location…

Diners flock to Lakeside for great food, outdoor dining

Looking for options for outdoor dining?Try strolling the sidewalks of Lakeside where you will find lots of outdoor dining options plus the sights and smells of cuisines from Asia to the Americas to the Mediterranean. Peppered between the shops and pocket parks, you will find seven dine-in restaurants, five informal eateries, and a gourmet grocery…

March will bring neighborhood wine bar to Lakeside

Laura Black (right), owner/operator of Clink Wine Bar and Bites, toasts to success with Robert Luleff of City Commercial Realty outside the space at the southwestern corner of Lakeside Parkway and Surrey Lane. (Photos by Pradeep Sanjeev) Your wait for a neighborhood wine bar will not be long now. And it can’t come soon…

Egg Farm Cafe delights with variety, quality, service

The service is fast and friendly at Egg Farm Cafe. Egg Farm Cafe opened this past week in The Shops at Lakeside, offering a wide breakfast menu plus quick and friendly service. Located in the space vacated by BurgerIM in the southwest quadrant of FM 2499 and Lakeside Parkway, Egg Farm serves both breakfast and…

1845 Taste Texas adds sizzle to Lakeside menu

1845 Taste Texas opened in The Shops at Lakeside in late June, adding a modern Texas steakhouse to the community’s restaurant scene. Marty Bryan, well-known for his wildly successful Marty B’s in Bartonville, specializes in a Texas-infused recipe of music, food, and hospitality that keeps guests returning time and again. The 6,000-plus-square-foot location at Lakeside…

The grind of staying at home is wearing on everyone. Take a break and treat yourself by ordering take-out from one of Lakeside’s great restaurants and eateries. We’ve made it easy by putting all of the take-out offerings on one page, organized by meal (e.g., breakfast, lunch/dinner, and dessert). Remember, we’re all in this together….

Craft Pies Pizza Co. to bring fast-casual experience to Lakeside

Change is coming to Lakeside’s dining scene. Officials with Realty Capital Management announced Monday morning that Craft Pies Pizza Company will move into the spaceoccupied by Paradise Bistro Coffee Co. since February 2016. “We are very excited,” said Brad Robinson, co-founder and chief executive of the fast-casual pizza restaurant chain, “to offer our pizza experience…

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Restaurants - Lakeside DFW (2024)
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