Andre's Lakeside Dining, Lake Hopatcong Reviews (2024)

Andre's Lakeside Dining, Lake Hopatcong Reviews (1)Jim Hayes
2024-02-21 13:08:09 GMT

Absolutely fantastic. We attended a steak cooking class and 3 course meal. We were blown away with the experience. We learned so much about different types and cuts of meat and methods of preparation. Chef Andre went step by step from appetizer to dessert. He also included recipes for everything he prepared.

Andre's Lakeside Dining, Lake Hopatcong Reviews (2)Ashley F
2024-02-27 15:22:49 GMT

We held my sister’s bridal shower here & we are all blown away at how great a experience we had. From start to finish Tracey & Liz assisted us with all the planning, & were super responsive to my emails. The day of, Tracey & our servers were so kind & helpful with everything. Everyone loved the food & the cake was delicious too! Thank you so much for making my sister feel special on her special day! Will hopefully come in the future for a regular dinner or lunch just to have Chef Andre’s food again!

Andre's Lakeside Dining, Lake Hopatcong Reviews (3)Rocky Dezigns
2023-11-05 14:58:05 GMT

I can’t say enough good things about this restaurant. We went for our one year wedding anniversary and we were not disappointed.
The food was out of this world!
The chef has an amazing attention to the detail, flavor, and texture of the food. The service was hands down amazing and beyond attentive. They were able to have good turnaround on their courses but still have excellent attention to their quality of food.
The restaurant itself was very impressive and homey. It sits on the lake and when you walk in you are brought into a warm atmosphere.
We were very lucky someone recommended the restaurant and we can’t wait to go back.

Andre's Lakeside Dining, Lake Hopatcong Reviews (4)Kelli Bruno
2023-12-14 17:35:41 GMT

*Wedding catering review - April 2023, Milford PA*

First of all, if you have the opportunity to dine at this Sparta restaurant, you MUST! We booked them without ever having a tasting, and when we happened to go for dinner one night and we were blown away. Tracey and her husband Andre (head chef) were lovely to work with. Tracey was always fun to talk to, had plenty of catering experience to draw from, and gave us great suggestions about our food choices. We had full customization on our menu, and everything was delicious. Our guests were raving about our co*cktail hour, soup appetizer, and entree, so mission accomplished :) Andre’s also made our custom wedding cake which was truly fantastic! So beautiful delicious!

We hired bartenders through Andre’s as well, and while the bartenders were good, they didn’t know our signature drinks when co*cktail hour started (which is information we provided 2 weeks prior), and the bar ran out of club soda at the beginning of the reception. That being said, we’re still rating them 5 stars because Andre and his staff cooked in the outdoor kitchen through a HAIL STORM to serve our guests, which we really appreciated.
We LOVED having Andre's as part of our big day!

Andre's Lakeside Dining, Lake Hopatcong Reviews (5)Carlos & Provy Rivera
2023-08-18 23:44:04 GMT

A visit to Andre's has been on our list for quite some time and today we finally dined there. All I can say is that if you are looking for a top-notch dinner spot that's got amazing food, friendly service, and a touch of romance? Look no further than Andre's Lakeside in Sparta Township, NJ. This place is a real hidden gem that's perfect for a special night out without breaking the bank.

As soon as we stepped inside, we felt the warm and welcoming vibe. The staff here really knows how to treat their guests, making us feel right at home. They were attentive without being overbearing, striking that perfect balance that made the whole experience enjoyable. A special shout out to our server Colin. Great and attentive service with a contagious sense of humor. Best of luck at Dartmouth!

And the food?? It was seriously impressive. The chef's creations were like something out of a food magazine. Not only did the dishes look amazing, but they also tasted incredible. It's clear that they put a lot of thought into each plate, making sure every bite was bursting with flavor.

The coolest part? You can dine outside and enjoy the lovely lakeside view. It's a super romantic setup that's just perfect for a cozy date night.

Oh, and don't forget, it's BYOB here! Bring your favorite bottle of wine to enjoy with your meal.

In a nutshell, Andre's Lakeside in Sparta Township is a fantastic choice for a memorable dinner date. The food is amazing, the service is friendly, and the lakeside setting adds that extra bit of magic.

Our only regret... we hadn't visited this place sooner!!

Andre's Lakeside Dining, Lake Hopatcong Reviews (6)Amy Orak
2022-12-13 14:09:51 GMT

We had our micro wedding here in October. The venue is absolutely perfect. Tracy and Liz were very accommodating and easy to work with. It made planning simple and relaxed. The lake view was beautiful for the ceremony and for pictures.

All of our guest raved about the food, especially the appetizer Swedish meatballs. Our waiter was professional and accommodating. He took care of all of our guests needs. The cake was delicious and beautifully decorated.

If you are looking for a wedding venue that is reasonably priced, has beautiful views for pictures, and great service this is the place for you.

Andre's Lakeside Dining, Lake Hopatcong Reviews (7)Rebecca Holstein
2023-07-25 14:07:55 GMT

Recently hosted a bridal shower at Andres and our experience was just fantastic! The staff were incredibly nice and so attentive. The food was delicious, our guests could not stop raving about it. And of course the views and atmosphere were stunning. Highly recommend for your next event!

Andre's Lakeside Dining, Lake Hopatcong Reviews (8)Brian D
2023-04-25 07:25:54 GMT

What a great experience. All the staff is super friendly and very accommodating. We were able to sit outside which offers a beautiful view of the lake. As customers got cold heaters were ignited and blankets were passed around adding to the homey atmosphere. The menu is constantly in flux here so do your research before arriving if you aren't a very adventurous eater. We started our meal with the lightly smoked ricotta with pickled beets and pear. For my main course I had a duck breast with rice and cauliflower and for desert I had the flourless chocolate cake. My takeaway from the meal was the focus on texture, freshness and subtle flavors. Nothing was in your face flavor it let the food shine through without leaving you grasping for the salt and pepper shaker. The chocolate cake was decadent as it should be and the little bonus plates were a fun touch. Between courses we were brought fresh mozzarella and tomato, a matcha and mint tea, and marshmallows and truffles (the chocolate kind). The bread was an airy foccacia with sea salt and 2 separate butter offerings one a fresh cream butter the other a duck fat butter. Are there things they could improve here? Yea, but the overall experience was amazing and I will definitely be back again.

Andre's Lakeside Dining, Lake Hopatcong Reviews (9)kathleen karovic
2024-05-19 12:42:50 GMT

Had my daughters baby shower there and it was absolutely lovely. The food, and service were excellent. I highly recommend this restaurant for an event or dinner. Worked with Tracy who took care of every little detail; she is great! I Highly recommend.

Andre's Lakeside Dining, Lake Hopatcong Reviews (10)Monique D
2023-09-02 12:09:52 GMT

Andre’s is our favorite restaurant to visit when we are up in NJ! We live in Delaware and look forward to every trip to Andres. Dined in last night for our anniversary and had the best meal outside on the lake. The service is exceptional from the moment you sit down until the moment you leave. Every dish is thoroughly explained and thoughtfully paired, and ingredients taste so fresh. We shared whipped ricotta, charcuterie, arctic char and pork tenderloin. Also thoroughly enjoyed the tea palate cleanser and the creme brulee. Our server was the sweetest as well. Andre’s is a must visit and we cannot wait for our next trip!

Andre's Lakeside Dining, Lake Hopatcong Reviews (11)Sal Gentile
2024-02-15 16:18:07 GMT

I'm not sure how In all the times I have been here that I have never given this restaurant a review. First and foremost the food is always incredible I will try absolutely anything Andre cooks up. Then you add in the fact that the staff is always polite, friendly and so welcoming the place just feels like home. And then there is Tracey. We have two small children and dining out at a place this like isn't always easy but Tracey seems to manage the restaurant help her servers and babysit my kids even if it's just for a few minutes to ask my wife how her day was. I literally can't recommend Andre's Lakeside Dining enough! If you are looking for the perfect dinner date spot, baby or bridal shower or micro wedding. Andre's always gets a 10/10 from me. Love you guys!

Andre's Lakeside Dining, Lake Hopatcong Reviews (12)John Romano
2022-06-18 22:40:11 GMT

First time at Andre’s with my Fiancé and it was fantastic. Amazing atmosphere and the food was better than delicious. Shout out to Chloe and the rest of the staff for their spectacular hospitality and shout out to the kitchen for giving us meals that we will look forward to getting again. Overall great experience and will for sure come again.

Andre's Lakeside Dining, Lake Hopatcong Reviews (13)Ritz The Reviewer
2022-07-28 14:45:45 GMT

I can't say enough good things about Andre's Lakeside Dining. I had a fantastic time at dinner last night. The ambiance of the outdoor patio area, the service, the live music and the food were all fantastic. I will recommend using/bringing bug spray as there are a lot of gnats as the night goes on. FYI, I attended Andre's on Casual Wednesday where the menu is different. My friends started with the Quail and Pork Belly appetizer. I tried the Quail and it was very tender. This particular appetizer is not really big enough to share in my opinion. We also started with the Jersey Girl Burrata - again the appetizers are not large but just enough to get a taste. Burrata was very fresh. Also for the table we did the Charcuterie Pizza - sauce was the highlight for me. For dinner, I chose the Chicken Bolognese. This was a regular dinner portion and filling. It is not traditional bolognese with red sauce so I really enjoyed their twist on it. Pasta was not overcooked and chicken was shredded. To end it all, the dessert special was chocolate cake with vanilla ice cream - I mean.. what's not to like!! Delicious! My friend did the Berries and Cream - I didn't try it but he really enjoyed it! Remember - BYO. Staff will bring over a chiller for your wine and they do not charge a corkage fee.

Andre's Lakeside Dining, Lake Hopatcong Reviews (14)Steve F
2024-02-09 00:57:22 GMT

I've been hearing about Andre's for years and now my wife and I finally went there for dinner. Everything I had heard is true. It's a very fine establishment. Food and service that are impeccable. It's like dining at a 5 star restaurant in Manhattan; The chef's creations are delicious and unique. we plan to be back soon. highly recommended!

Andre's Lakeside Dining, Lake Hopatcong Reviews (15)Yue Shen
2022-08-13 18:11:25 GMT

Great experience! We did the 6 courses tasting menu and the food was absolutely amazing. Service is also very good, and they have a great selection of non-alcoholic wines and mocktails. We were seated outdoor, the weather was nice, everything is perfect!

Andre's Lakeside Dining, Lake Hopatcong Reviews (16)Kelly McEvoy Babich
2021-08-05 21:39:25 GMT

We had our wedding rehearsal dinner at Andre's and it was absolutely perfect! The views of the lake are stunning. But best of all is the food - everything is fresh, homemade and delicious. Tracey was wonderful to work with and helped us create a memorable meal and evening for our friends and family. I highly recommend Andre's for a unique and special dining experience.

Andre's Lakeside Dining, Lake Hopatcong Reviews (17)Max DeCataldo
2022-09-09 21:50:10 GMT

My wife and I had our wedding here (both ceremony and reception) last week and I can honestly say it was exactly what we had hoped for. Tracey (co-owner) was amazingly helpful from the start of the process and initial inquiry through finalizing the details for the run of the day. She also served as our officiant and was outstanding in that function, all while managing the other aspects of the day.

The food was absolutely amazing. Andre (co-owner/chef) is an outstanding chef and absolutely nailed the co*cktail hour and lunch reception. We set the three meat options (steak/salmon/chicken), and gave Andre the freedom to come up with sides and sauces as he wished....and he did not disappoint! The wedding cake deserves a shoutout of its own as it was out-of-this-world delicious - moist and bursting with flavor with the right amount of sweetness!! All of our family could not get over how good the food was. Good food was our top priority for the wedding so we could not have asked for anything better!

We also can't say enough about the service. My wife and I both felt extremely well attended to throughout the day, even before the event started (I was there early to decorate, she was there early to get dressed). And then through co*cktail hour they continued to bring drinks and food over to where we were taking our 1 on 1 photos and family portraits so that we didn't have to miss out on all the amazing food on our special day! From what guests told us, everybody else felt very well taken care of as well. The staff is very professional and always knows the right thing to do/say.

The lakeside venue was beautiful...not much more to say there. Just gorgeous on a summer day.

Tracey and Andre have done an amazing job building a great restaurant and wedding venue. From our first visit we knew we had to get married here because we knew we could trust them to help make our day special. It almost felt like they were a part of the family by the time we got closer to the wedding. All of this, and the price is still pretty dang good when compared to a lot of the other wedding venues in NJ - they price their services reasonably for the high level of food and service offered, but they certainly do not price gouge like at other wedding venues.

We can't say enough good things about this place and would give it 10 stars if we could!

P.S. tip to anyone who is getting married here: The pizza station for co*cktail hour was insanely good. Freshly-made wood-fired pizzas by Andre himself...can't beat that...definitely was a crowd-pleaser!

Andre's Lakeside Dining, Lake Hopatcong Reviews (18)Lauren Damiano
2022-06-22 23:04:59 GMT

The food and service were both absolutely fantastic! Started with a tomato and mozz pizza which was so good we ordered 3 to go. Then our entrees were the grouper over seafood paella and London broil with potatoes. They were both spectacular and we will be returning shortly to dine again

Andre's Lakeside Dining, Lake Hopatcong Reviews (19)P. Kahn
2023-12-17 01:20:56 GMT

5 Stars all around. Came as a group of 6 and were seated in the little room upstairs. It was perfect. It was like we had a private room. Service was top notch and all of our food was delicious. The owner came to check on us which was also super nice. A fantastic experience - highly recommend.

Andre's Lakeside Dining, Lake Hopatcong Reviews (20)Justin Williams
2021-02-07 16:04:16 GMT

What a delightful treat this was!!! Curated and thoughtful dishes...beautifully presented and each course well thought out...each bite a delicious treasure...each dish excitedly anticipated... We came here for a special occasion and guess what...? It was extra special...!!! Extremely good service and everyone here is courteous, attentive and friendly...the only problem you will have is finding somewhere else this fantastic...thank you!!!

Andre's Lakeside Dining, Lake Hopatcong Reviews (2024)
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